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Many different colors of hardwood flooring
Solid Hardwood Eco Flooring with Color Selection as Vivid as Your Imagination


Staybull® Bubinga Flooring

Make a lasting impression with a green floor made from recycled Bubinga Staybull Flooring®.

Each carefully constructed plank accentuates the variations between the warm burgundy colors and striking grain patterns. Known also as African Rosewood, Bubinga flooring creates warm spaces you can rest, and relax in.

Create the inviting space that you deserve. Get a free quote of the Staybull® line of eco-friendly Bubinga flooring today.


Color range includes medium red-brown with lighter red to purple veining. Grain is straight to interlocked with a moderately coarse but even texture.

light red to medium red-brown to brown-red
Color Range at Time of Install
light red to medium red-brown to brown-red
Color Range After Install

Janka Hardness

Bubinga: 1980
Red Oak (comparison): 1290


DO use a soft bristle broom DO use a vacuum DO NOT use a wet mop

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