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African Mahogany

Staybull™ African Mahogany Flooring

Elevate your surroundings. Recycled African Mahogany Staybull™ Flooring brings you the depth and elegance you seek for your modern or contemporary space.

Thanks to our innovative manufacturing process, the blend of sap and heartwood creates an enticing mosaic. Overtime, this blend will transition from creamy-white and light browns to rich reds with violet hues.

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Color range includes tannish to medium red-brown with lighter red to purple veining. Grain is straight to interlocked with a moderately coarse but even texture.

tan-cream to light brown to red-brown
Color Range at Time of Install
tan-cream to light brown to red-brown
Color Range After Install

Janka Hardness

African Mahogany: 830
Red Oak (comparison): 1290


DO use a soft bristle broom DO use a vacuum DO NOT use a wet mop

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