The Premier Choice for Modern Interiors


A restaurant in Columbus Ohio, an interior design studio in Buffalo, a bank.  What do all these places have in common?  They all require an inviting and modern-looking interior and they all chose Staybull Flooring® to meet their needs. Staybull Flooring® is the premier choice for modern interiors.

Our brand of recycled hardwood flooring has become the premier flooring choice for modern interiors.  People of discerning tastes can immediately appreciate the aesthetic value inherent to this unique product.  The natural beauty of hardwood flooring is showcased and enhanced in exciting ways by the mosaic that results from our one-of-a-kind manufacturing process.

Besides looks, another requirement for a modern floor is eco-friendliness.  All of our satisfied customers would agree that having a positive impact on the environment is no less important than having a beautiful floor, and Staybull Flooring® delivers on both accounts.

Finally, the epitome of modern flooring must be able to persevere under the most extreme circumstances.  Fortunately, our eco-friendly flooring is one of the most durable on the market.  The natural staying power of our carefully selected hardwoods, combined with a top-line finish and our stabilizing manufacturing process, makes Staybull Flooring® one of the most durable options on the market.

Now here’s the best news: this premier flooring option can be yours!  Several high-end establishments have recognized the value of this modern flooring; just imagine what it could do for your interior space.

What is Bubinga Flooring?


Anyone looking for the perfect balance of strength, workability, and beauty cannot ignore Bubinga flooring.  So what is Bubinga Flooring? Hailing from Africa, Staybull™ this flooring is an exotic, eco-friendly choice that is tailor made for modern and contemporary themed interiors.

Here are some general facts about recycled Bubinga. The hardwood is nearly 98% harder than teak, with a Janka Hardness of 1980.  This beautiful red wood flooring effortlessly resists scratches and dents, meaning your floor will last for decades.  But don’t think that this innate strength will make bubinga difficult to install.  It yields itself easily to manipulation with hand or power tools.  In fact, nailing and gluing over an aged concrete slab are the only areas where you’re likely to encounter any trouble at all.  Just watch out for the sawdust – it has been known to cause allergic reactions.

The stunning visual effect that every species of Staybull Flooring™ boasts is amplified by Bubinga’s natural exotic charm.  A rich rose-brown surface plays host to veins of light red and purple.  The overall effect is a warm, sublime space that lends itself perfectly to modern interior design.

For a recycled flooring option that is strong, beautiful, and easy to install, there are few choices better than Staybull™ bubinga flooring.

Sustainability Makes Flooring Eco-Friendly


Staybull Flooring™ is proud to be committed to the health of our environment.  But what makes our product so “green”? Sustainability makes flooring eco-friendly as well as health. These two main factors go into determining how environmentally friendly a product is.

Sustainability can be defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”.  In simpler terms, if we use this product today, will we still be able to use it tomorrow?

Here are a few questions to ask when determining how sustainable a wood flooring product is:

  • Was the wood harvested so as to not degrade natural habitats?
  • Did the manufacturing and transportation of the product cause as little ecological damage as possible?
  • Was the resulting waste recycled or re-used?

The stronger the “yes” to these questions, the more eco-friendly the flooring is. Staybull Flooring­™ can confidently say yes to each of these, so you can rest assured that you will a recycled wood flooring option that meets your needs aesthetically, as well as environmentally. We salvage post-industrial strips of lumber that flooring and lumber companies leave behind. At Staybull Flooring™, we also have direct shipping lines between the mill and our manufacturing facilities (meaning, we don’t ship our flooring overseas to China to get finished, we do it here in the United States.

In the next post, we’ll talk about the health factors that go into eco-friendly flooring.

Reclaimed vs Staybull Flooring


When you hear that Staybull Flooring™ is recycled flooring, you may think “Oh, so it’s like reclaimed flooring.”  It is a sensible conclusion, but what really is the difference?

At first, reclaimed wood flooring and Staybull Flooring™ do seem similar.  They both recycle wood that would otherwise be thrown out, but there is a key difference: do you want a floor that is brand new, or used?

Reclaimed flooring is taken from unused barns and other old, condemned buildings.  When you install reclaimed wood flooring, you are basically getting antique flooring that has already seen a lot of use.

Staybull Flooring™ is made using scraps from lumber mills that are too small to be used.  Aside from their diminutive dimensions, these timbers are perfectly good, and above all, they are pristine.

See how Staybull™ turns recycled wood into brand new flooring.

So when you choose which type of eco-friendly, recycled flooring to install in your home, consider this difference: used or new?

Have any questions, or do you just want to know more?  Leave a comment below!

Reclaimed Flooring with a Modern Edge

Recycled White Oak Flooring

What makes a piece of art a masterpiece? Something ordinary turned into something extraordinary; Timeless. When people refer to the slight curve of a woman’s smile; a starry night; A melting clock…these images are universally accepted as wonderful master works of art. It’s that same feeling of wonder that people find when they see a green floor made of Staybull Flooring™. You can say that Staybull Flooring™, reclaimed flooring with a modern edge. Why?

It starts with the idea behind its construction. By finding inspiration in what others saw as waste, the makers of Staybull Flooring™ created a truly special line of green flooring. You see, flooring companies leave countless tons of wood behind. This freshly cut wood is turned into reclaimed flooring using eco-friendly materials, glues, and energy-saving machinery.

Now, interior designers are seeing the value that recycled wood flooring provides. We’ve had interior designers say that say that our product provides “exceptional beauty.” One New York designer praised “the unique look it brings to any space” and loved how their hardwood cherry floor “fools people into thinking that it’s really exotic flooring.”

Want to learn more? Get a free brochure and order a free sample of Staybull Flooring™. Maybe you, too, will be inspired to create your own masterpiece.