Reclaimed Flooring with a Modern Edge

Recycled White Oak Flooring

What makes a piece of art a masterpiece? Something ordinary turned into something extraordinary; Timeless. When people refer to the slight curve of a woman’s smile; a starry night; A melting clock…these images are universally accepted as wonderful master works of art. It’s that same feeling of wonder that people find when they see a green floor made of Staybull Flooring™. You can say that Staybull Flooring™, reclaimed flooring with a modern edge. Why?

It starts with the idea behind its construction. By finding inspiration in what others saw as waste, the makers of Staybull Flooring™ created a truly special line of green flooring. You see, flooring companies leave countless tons of wood behind. This freshly cut wood is turned into reclaimed flooring using eco-friendly materials, glues, and energy-saving machinery.

Now, interior designers are seeing the value that recycled wood flooring provides. We’ve had interior designers say that say that our product provides “exceptional beauty.” One New York designer praised “the unique look it brings to any space” and loved how their hardwood cherry floor “fools people into thinking that it’s really exotic flooring.”

Want to learn more? Get a free brochure and order a free sample of Staybull Flooring™. Maybe you, too, will be inspired to create your own masterpiece.

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