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Longer Flooring Boards Save You Money

Staybull™ eco-friendly flooring often has an average flooring length of 3.5 feet or more. So what does this mean for you? Having a longer average floorboard length has numerous benefits when compared to a flooring product with a shorter average length.

One advantage that longer lengths offer is that the final installed look will be cleaner and more stylish with fewer seams between individual flooring boards. Another advantage to having longer floorboards is that it takes fewer boards to complete the installation. This makes the overall installation faster, easier and more professional looking.

Here’s how the final installation breaks down…

Staybull Flooring™

Long flooring boards mean fewer seams and fewer expenses.

For an 8’ x 12’ room only 51 total pieces of Staybull Flooring™ were needed to complete the job. You can see from the diagram below that there are far fewer horizontal breaks between individual boards.

Standard Flooring

Shorter flooring boards mean more seams and a longer, more expensive installation process.

For an 8’ x 12’ room 83 total pieces of standard flooring were needed to complete the job. You can tell from the diagram to the left that there is an abundance of 1’ and 2’ pieces that leave you with an unattractive floor. These short pieces that are overly common in standard flooring also slow down the installation significantly.