Reclaimed vs Staybull Flooring


When you hear that Staybull Flooring™ is recycled flooring, you may think “Oh, so it’s like reclaimed flooring.”  It is a sensible conclusion, but what really is the difference?

At first, reclaimed wood flooring and Staybull Flooring™ do seem similar.  They both recycle wood that would otherwise be thrown out, but there is a key difference: do you want a floor that is brand new, or used?

Reclaimed flooring is taken from unused barns and other old, condemned buildings.  When you install reclaimed wood flooring, you are basically getting antique flooring that has already seen a lot of use.

Staybull Flooring™ is made using scraps from lumber mills that are too small to be used.  Aside from their diminutive dimensions, these timbers are perfectly good, and above all, they are pristine.

See how Staybull™ turns recycled wood into brand new flooring.

So when you choose which type of eco-friendly, recycled flooring to install in your home, consider this difference: used or new?

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One thought on “Reclaimed vs Staybull Flooring

  1. Millie Hue

    It got me when you said that a reclaimed wood will give you an antique feel with your flooring. I love vintage and old things that is why this is perfect for me. It doesn’t matter if it is already used for me because it will be installed in my makeup room which will not get too much foot traffic. Thanks!


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