What is Bubinga Flooring?


Anyone looking for the perfect balance of strength, workability, and beauty cannot ignore Bubinga flooring.  So what is Bubinga Flooring? Hailing from Africa, Staybull™ this flooring is an exotic, eco-friendly choice that is tailor made for modern and contemporary themed interiors.

Here are some general facts about recycled Bubinga. The hardwood is nearly 98% harder than teak, with a Janka Hardness of 1980.  This beautiful red wood flooring effortlessly resists scratches and dents, meaning your floor will last for decades.  But don’t think that this innate strength will make bubinga difficult to install.  It yields itself easily to manipulation with hand or power tools.  In fact, nailing and gluing over an aged concrete slab are the only areas where you’re likely to encounter any trouble at all.  Just watch out for the sawdust – it has been known to cause allergic reactions.

The stunning visual effect that every species of Staybull Flooring™ boasts is amplified by Bubinga’s natural exotic charm.  A rich rose-brown surface plays host to veins of light red and purple.  The overall effect is a warm, sublime space that lends itself perfectly to modern interior design.

For a recycled flooring option that is strong, beautiful, and easy to install, there are few choices better than Staybull™ bubinga flooring.

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