The Premier Choice for Modern Interiors


A restaurant in Columbus Ohio, an interior design studio in Buffalo, a bank.  What do all these places have in common?  They all require an inviting and modern-looking interior and they all chose Staybull Flooring® to meet their needs. Staybull Flooring® is the premier choice for modern interiors.

Our brand of recycled hardwood flooring has become the premier flooring choice for modern interiors.  People of discerning tastes can immediately appreciate the aesthetic value inherent to this unique product.  The natural beauty of hardwood flooring is showcased and enhanced in exciting ways by the mosaic that results from our one-of-a-kind manufacturing process.

Besides looks, another requirement for a modern floor is eco-friendliness.  All of our satisfied customers would agree that having a positive impact on the environment is no less important than having a beautiful floor, and Staybull Flooring® delivers on both accounts.

Finally, the epitome of modern flooring must be able to persevere under the most extreme circumstances.  Fortunately, our eco-friendly flooring is one of the most durable on the market.  The natural staying power of our carefully selected hardwoods, combined with a top-line finish and our stabilizing manufacturing process, makes Staybull Flooring® one of the most durable options on the market.

Now here’s the best news: this premier flooring option can be yours!  Several high-end establishments have recognized the value of this modern flooring; just imagine what it could do for your interior space.

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