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Can Recycled Wood Flooring Be Refinished?

The Answer: Yes!  Consider how Staybull™ recycled wood flooring is manufactured.  It is basically narrow strips of solid wood flooring.  This means it has all the benefits of solid flooring, including a thick wear layer that can be sanded down and refinished multiple times.  Additionally, because Staybull™ uses 100% eco-friendly glues during the production process, you do not have to worry about toxic fumes being released into the air you breathe while sanding.

Here’s the simplest way to refinish the Staybull™ brand of recycled wood flooring:

  1. Use 80 grit sandpaper to remove the original finish.
  2. To achieve an even and smooth surface
  3. Use 100 grit sandpaper to remove any marks,
  4. Then use 120 grit sandpaper to make the surface nice and smooth.
  5. Remove all dust and debris from the surface.
  6. Apply new, water-based eco-friendly flooring finish per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. Let the new finish dry.
  8. Enjoy your new eco-friendly floor.

What’s a good finish to use?  We recommend using Loba Wakol products as they have some great finish products whether you are just re-coating the factory finish or sanding and doing a new finish.  Their 2k series will even stick to UV cured finishes.  They also have finish for starting from scratch.

The truth is that no floor is impervious to damage.  When you compare flooring options, you need to know that every product will start to show scratches and dents.  Because our recycled wood flooring can be refinished, you give yourself the opportunity to extend the life of your floor, thereby increasing your return on investment.  Ultimately, with its rejuvenated look you can enjoy Staybull Flooring™ for years without spending an arm and a leg to replace it.