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What Is Staybull™ Flooring?

Eco-Friendly Flooring

Recycled wood flooring composed of over 20 species of reclaimed hardwood discarded by mills around the world. Architects and designers love working with Staybull™ because it’s the only brand of recycled flooring that blends perfectly with today's modern and green homes.

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Is Staybull™ Flooring for You?

Anyone looking for custom made eco-friendly flooring that uses VOC free materials and can be installed over concrete would benefit from choosing Staybull™ Flooring.

Beauty - A dazzling blend of natural colors and patterns fit for contemporary, modern, or transitional design styles.
Stability - End-matched recycled wood flooring you can install over concrete without problems like cupping.
Eco-Friendly - Low-maintenance, VOC-free recycled hardwood flooring keeps indoor air clean.