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Hard Maple

Staybull™ Hard Maple Flooring

Tradition. This is not a word taken lightly by anyone drawn to the proven qualities of recycled Hard Maple from Staybull™ Flooring.

Steadfast. Hardwood maple flooring is renowned for being durable, yet soft due to the light yellow and pinkish color tones.

Home. Boasting multiple colors and varying grain patterns, the high aesthetic value of recycled Maple flooring from Staybull™ fits well in any modern and contemporary interior.

Free. That's the cost of a sample of Hard Maple Staybull™ Flooring. Get your free sample of eco-friendly Maple Staybull™ Flooring today.


Hard maple is creamy white with a reddish tinge and usually has a straight grain, sometimes curly or wavy. Fine brown growth rings give an attractive figure on plain sawn surfaces. Rays are longer than in Soft Maple. Texture is fine and even.

creamy white to reddish tan to light brown
Color Range at Time of Install
no significant change
Color Range After Install

Janka Hardness

Hard Maple: 1450
Red Oak (comparison): 1290


DO use a soft bristle broom DO use a vacuum DO NOT use a wet mop

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