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Quartersawn Red Oak

Staybull™ Quartersawn Red Oak Flooring

This special variation of recycled Red Oak Flooring will add that something extra that normal parquet brands can’t match.

With its stand-out striping pattern, the rays on each Quartersawn Red Oak plank provide a signature look that fits today’s contemporary, or modern home perfectly.

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Quartersawn Red Oak has a unique stripe pattern that is referred to as “tiger rays” or “butterflies”. Heartwood color runs from light tan to pink with a reddish tinge. Sapwood is white to light brown. Straight grained with a coarse texture.

white/light brown to tan to red-brown
Color Range at Time of Install
no significant change
Color Range After Install

Janka Hardness

Red Oak: 1290
White Oak (comparison): 1360


DO use a soft bristle broom DO use a vacuum DO NOT use a wet mop

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