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Eco-Shield™ Hardwood Flooring Finish

Eco-Shield Hardwood Floor Finish

To prolong the life of Staybull™ Flooring, we use Eco-Shield™ flooring finish.

Perfect for commercial applications and use in today’s modern home, the Eco-Shield™ flooring finish is a ceramic-based finish that needs less coats, but still has all the same qualities as an aluminum oxide finish. The other major advantage to the ceramic-based Eco-Shield finish is that it offers even greater abrasion resistance and heightens the performance of each individual plank of Staybull™ Flooring.

The Eco-Shield™ eco-friendly finish:

Eco-Shield™ Technical Specifications

Product Performance Test Reference Specification
Cross Hatch Adhesion ASTM D3359 > 4B (90%)
Taber Abrasion ASTM D4060 > 450 – 900 (S-33 Wheel)
Balance Beam Scrape Adhesion ASTM D2197 > 2000g
3 Cycle Soak Test ANSI/HPVA-2000-4.6 pass
Coefficient of Friction ASTM D2394 > 0.5
Chemical Staining ASTM D3023 < 3
Gloss Retention ASTM D2486 +/- 5 points (at 60°)
Scratch Resistance EN 438 2-25 grade 3
Impact Resistance EN 438 2-20 > 6N
Scrub Resistance IHD 445 0-1
Linear Scratch (Coin Test) TF_01 >20N
CC Test (accelerated aging) TF_03 pass