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Made in the USA

Staybull™ Flooring is responsibly manufactured in the USA using the highest quality components. We start with natural exotic and domestic lumber strips that contain no additives or preservatives. We can do this because our raw lumber is naturally resistant to rot and decay. We then glue the narrow strips of lumber together using non-toxic adhesives that are safe for you and your family. So when comparing types of eco flooring please don't settle for marketing gimmicks and fancy pictures.

American Flooring Mill
Staybull™ Flooring is milled in the United States.
hydraulic clamp machine for making Staybull™ Flooring
Our Hydraulic Clamp Machine creates wooden panels that are turned into Staybull™ Flooring.
recycled wood edge-glued planks ready to be milled into flooring
These edge-glued planks are ready to be milled.

When you buy Staybull™ Flooring, you are supporting and rewarding the hard work that is done by workers here in the United States.

Not only do foreign-produced flooring products take jobs away from the USA, there are also no quality controls in third-world manufacturing countries. This means that cheaper eco-friendly flooring alternatives may contain materials that would be unacceptable by United States manufacturing standards. For example, many "eco-friendly" bamboo flooring products are available at a very low cost because they are manufactured a cheaply as possible. So what do you get for this low cost? Nine times out of ten you get low quality products.

radio frequency gluing  machine for making flooring
Our Radio Frequency Gluing Machine cures wooden panels in minutes instead of hours.
table saw for making flooring
This Sliding Table Saw squares large edge glued panels to exact dimensions.
widebelt planer-sander makes smooth flooring boards
Widebelt Planer-Sander planes rough glued panels into smooth boards. These boards are then ready to be milled into Staybull Flooring® planks.

When you use Staybull™ Flooring, you can feel proud that you are supporting the American workforce by purchasing American-made products.

widebelt planer-sander makes smooth flooring boards
Every plank is carefully inspected by hand.

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