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At Staybull™ Flooring "eco-friendly flooring" is NOT just a label. Producing eco-friendly flooring products defines our mission to the very core. Staybull™ was created by people who felt that the waste cycle in the flooring industry needed to be closed. By merging timeless wood working techniques with modern innovation, we have created a solid green wood floor that lasts longer and looks better than other eco-friendly options.

Reducing Waste

Standard solid hardwood flooring requires wide lumber in which the milling process renders narrow strips of wood that are useless to traditional flooring manufactures. Our exclusive recycled wood flooring manufacturing process uses these narrow strips of recycled hardwood that other flooring companies leave behind and turns them into a one-of-a-kind solid floor product with innumerable benefits.

A Better Hardwood Floor

Craftsmen and furniture makers have known for hundreds of years that wide boards tend to cup, therefore the most stable table top or other furniture part is one which is glued from numerous narrow boards to eliminate the natural stresses found in lumber. We have taken this simple concept to the next dimension in utilizing fine craftsman concepts to make recycled flooring a quality piece of art. Staybull™ Flooring utilizes over 98% of the original raw material compared to 50% - 60% that standard hardwood flooring uses.

That's not all. The glues and our exclusive Eco-Shield™ hardwood floor finish are also 100% eco-friendly. See our Compare Flooring Guide for more information.

Staybull™ Flooring has the benefits that you are looking for. We PROMISE that our recycled flooring saves on waste that other flooring companies leave behind. This means that you get a green flooring product that is a perfect for your floor as well as an excellent choice for our environment.

Discover the variety of recycled flooring that Staybull™ Flooring offers.

Build Green with Staybull™ Flooring

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