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Eco-Flooring FAQ

What Is Staybull™ Flooring?

Staybull™ Flooring is recycled flooring for people who want an eco-friendly product without limitations. Constructed using the latest equipment and using the time-proven method of edge-gluing, each wide plank of Staybull™ Flooring is as beautiful as it is innovative.

What makes Staybull™ Flooring eco-friendly?

Traditional solid plank flooring manufacturing chooses not to use between 40-50% of the available wood that each log produces. These wasteful practices produce countless tons of waste that gets burned on site, or mechanically ground into saw dust. Both of these processes are dirty and produce needless carbon emissions. Staybull™ Flooring eliminates this process and creates edge-glued wide plank flooring that has more benefits than solid hardwood, bamboo, and even engineered flooring.

What is the difference between eco flooring and green flooring?

There is no difference between a green floor and an eco floor. They are two different terms for the same thing; Flooring that is comprised of eco-friendly materials; manufactured using eco-friendly means; and contributes to eco-friendly lifestyle and home.

How can Staybull™ Flooring be stronger than hardwood flooring?

The construction of Staybull™ Flooring reduces the natural stresses that are found in solid hardwood plank flooring. A plank of Staybull™ Flooring is more dimensionally stable, resists cupping, twisting, and many other problems found in hardwood flooring.

How does Staybull™ Flooring compare to other flooring options?

Check out our Flooring Comparison chart for a more detailed breakdown of how Staybull Flooring compares to Bamboo, Engineered, and other flooring options.

Can I install Staybull™ Flooring over concrete?

Yes! Thanks to the innovative manufacturing process, every species of Staybull™ Flooring can be installed on both ground level and above ground level applications - including over an aged concrete slab! Basement applications are not recommended.