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Bird’s Eye Maple

Staybull™ Bird’s Eye Maple Flooring

Fact. The bird’s eye figure found in hardwood Maple flooring is a natural phenomenon. To this day, experts cannot explain why it happens.

Fact. The line of recycled Bird’s Eye Maple from Staybull™ Flooring adds an even greater dimension to this rare eco-flooring option. The mixture of reddish hues, white sapwood, and birdseye figures are featured in modern homes that aim to be extraordinary.

Fact. It’s easy to get started by ordering a free sample of eco-friendly Bird’s Eye Maple Staybull™ Flooring.


The heartwood is a uniformly light reddish brown. The sapwood features a white color with a reddish tinge. The grain is straight but occasionally curly or wavy. Bird’s-eye figures are what distinguish this maple from others. The wood is very fine and even-textured.

gold to orange-brown to salmon red
Color Range at Time of Install
no significant change
Color Range After Install

Janka Hardness

Bird’ Eye Maple: 1450
Red Oak (comparison): 1290


DO use a soft bristle broom DO use a vacuum DO NOT use a wet mop

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