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Recycled Hardwood Flooring

Staybull™ Flooring uses time-honored woodworking techniques to create recycled hardwood flooring. Each custom made plank you install offers exceptional benefits over other eco-friendly products. Besides value, function, and beauty, a green home that installs Staybull™ Flooring is aiding in the reduction of wood waste in the flooring industry.

Scrap wood at a lumber mill
Lumber mills across the world waste tons of perfeclty good wood every year.
Salvaged lumber strips
We recycle those hardwood strips and create a remarkable solid flooring product.
Recycled wood plank
These strips are fused into planks with VOC-free adhesives.

As you can see from the pictures and graphs below, typical flooring production creates a tremendous amount of waste. Staybull™ Flooring fixes this problem and helps close the waste cycle. See more pictures of where we purchase the rips to create our brand of eco-friendly flooring.

recycled wood flooring plank
These planks are then milled carefully with modern equipment.
eco-shield finish being applied to recycled wood flooring
Each plank is UV cured and finished with Eco-Shield™.
recycled wood flooring being inspected for quality
Every plank is carefully inspected by hand.

Check out our facility in North Carolina for more info on how our recycled wood flooring is made.

Staybull™ Flooring
The result? A durable and beautiful recycled wood floor that lasts.

Staybull™ Flooring Benefits

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Solid Wood Flooring vs. Staybull™ Flooring: Raw Material Used

Diagram showing wood discarded when manufacturing hardwood flooring.
Areas in red show the waste discarded by the “old way” of hardwood flooring manufacturing.
Diagram showing wood discarded when manufacturing hardwood flooring.
Staybull™ is the only recycled hardwood flooring option that ends the solid wood flooring waste cycle.