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Genuinely Green, Staybull Flooring Produces a One-of-a-Kind Recycled Wood Product

SUMMARY: U.S. company solves industry-wide problems of wood waste, carbon emissions, toxic materials and more.

GROVER, N.C., Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- In recent years, by introducing eco-friendly recycled flooring products to the market, the wood flooring industry has made significant strides in setting and upholding new standards for sustainability. Nonetheless, eco-savvy architects, designers and consumers who are wary of greenwashing are now scrutinizing which companies are truly taking the lead on earthy-friendly products. That is why more and more turn to Staybull Flooring(TM) (, a Grover, N.C.-based business that has quickly earned a reputation as a progressive leader in genuinely green wood flooring. Most notably, Staybull Flooring produces a one-of-a-kind recycled wood product with a variety of eco-advantages. Recycling strips of lumber that mills worldwide would typically discard, Staybull Flooring also solves the problem of wood waste.

"Traditional solid-plank flooring manufacturers choose not to use 40 to 50 percent of the wood that each log produces," says Rosi Lehr, Director of Marketing for Staybull Flooring. "These practices produce countless tons of waste that get burned onsite or mechanically ground into sawdust. These processes are dirty and produce needless carbon emissions. Staybull Flooring eliminates these practices and creates edge-glued, wide-plank flooring that has more benefits than solid hardwood, bamboo, and even engineered flooring, making our product verifiably eco-friendly."

Staybull Flooring recycles over 20 species of domestic and exotic hardwoods, providing an alternative to the rustic look associated with reclaimed wood for contemporary and transitional interiors. Moreover, the construction of Staybull Flooring planks produces a multi-faceted surface that camouflages wear and enhances durability.

Installers can lay the VOC-free and R.E.A.C.H.-compliant flooring over concrete and refinish it repeatedly. For builders seeking LEED certification, Staybull Flooring, which happens to be 100 percent biodegradable, can come in FSC certified woods.

"Considering everything -- from the quality of Staybull Flooring to its ability to meet strict eco-friendly criteria -- many people assume that our product must be exorbitant in cost," Lehr says. "So it's a big surprise when they learn it's actually very affordable compared to many reclaimed and high-end flooring options. This affordability is an even bigger shock when people discover that we make the planks right here in the United States. Our commitment to providing domestic jobs perfectly complements our company's mission to create earth-friendly flooring through a sustainable manufacturing process."

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