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Recycled Wood Flooring Expands Green Interior Design to New Heights

SUMMARY: Staybull Flooring® solves the problem of many modern and contemporary designers who wanted a recycled flooring product that fits their green interior designs. Unlike antique reclaimed flooring, the recycled wood flooring that Staybull™ produces offers a multi-faceted foundation that complements the clean and bright look that modern and contemporary green design calls for. Staybull Flooring is VOC Free and offers superior durability that allows it to be installed over concrete for even greater design flexibility.

Bradenton, FL, July 28, 2010 - The makers of Staybull Flooring® are proud to introduce recycled wood flooring designed for green interiors. Until recently interior designers who wanted to utilize recycled wood were forced to use salvaged aka reclaimed flooring. However, salvaged floors prove limiting mainly because the antique look works best in traditional and rustic interiors where a rough or worn look is required. With over 20 recycled exotic and domestic woods now at their disposal, the ability of green interior designers to use eco-friendly wood flooring is now expanded to spaces that have a modern, contemporary, and transitional design aesthetic.

According to Rosi Lehr, Marketing Director for Staybull Flooring®, "Ever since Staybull® entered the market, interior designers have embraced it enthusiastically. We’ve been fielding inquiries and sample requests for all of the domestic and exotic species that we currently offer including Brazilian Cherry, Iroko, Canary Wood, Mahogany, Brazilian Teak, Walnut, Maple, and Red and White Oak." Ms. Lehr added, "The designers we’ve spoken to are telling us that they are glad to find an eco-friendly flooring product that doesn’t limit their designs." One New York interior designer, Brooke of Nest Interiors recently renovated their offices with the line of American Cherry from Staybull Flooring and said, "The great thing about Staybull Flooring® is that it is so versatile. Because of the array of color and grain patterns in each plank, Staybull Flooring® works well in a modern design where linear forms are prevalent."

Interior designers benefit from using Staybull Flooring® in their Modern and Contemporary designs due to:

About Staybull Flooring®

Staybull Flooring® is an eco friendly wood flooring alternative to bamboo, engineered and other hardwood flooring. The Staybull Flooring® lines of recycled flooring are produced through an innovative reclamation and manufacturing process that fuses strips of wood together. The recycled wood flooring that is produced is so dimensionally stable that it won't cup or twist like traditional wood flooring. Staybull is recycled wood plank flooring that utilizes up to 98% of the original raw material compared to 50% – 60% that standard hardwood flooring uses. The manufacturing of this flooring is done with US industry standards utilizing non toxic glues that emit no VOC’s and with only the best quality hardwoods from sustainable and traceable sources.

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