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Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring showcases the beauty of natural wood. However, many people find that it's hard to fully enjoy because the limited installation options. Standard parquet wood flooring can only be nailed or stapled directly to a wooden sub-floor and cannot be installed over a concrete slab. Concrete retains moisture and will make a solid wood floor cup and twist.

Despite the installation limitations, solid wood floors give homeowners the option of refinishing after many years of use. The fact that solid wood floors can be refinished extends the overall life of the floor exponentially.

When considering solid wood flooring options be cautious of lower priced alternatives. To save on cost, these cheap wood flooring choices are made from low grade, poorly milled and/or inadequately dried material. They also fail to provide the same strength and beauty as higher priced wood flooring. Improper moisture content and poor milling are frequent problems associated with commercially available solid flooring and can ruin your project.

Cupped wood flooring

Solid Wood Flooring Rating Analysis


Star Star Star

Very limited installation options.


Star Star Star

Stability is questionable based on flooring grade and installation location.


Star Star Star Star Star

Solid flooring can be refinished multiple times.


Star Star Star

Solid wood flooring is an all-natural product, but, a large quantity of the raw material is typically wasted.


Star Star Star Star Star

Large selection of species are available.


Star Star Star Star

Low grade solid wood flooring has a very low product quality.


Star Star Star Star

Install options are limited, but buying better grades of hard wood flooring will provide you with many years of use and enjoyment.

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