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Bamboo Flooring

To form a bamboo flooring plank, bamboo strands are glued together in a vertical or horizontal pattern. Bamboo flooring is advertised as an eco-friendly flooring product but there are many reasons why the exact opposite may be the truth.

Cracked Bamboo Flooring Plank
People have reported bamboo flooring cracks.

The majority of bamboo flooring is manufactured in Asian countries like China. These manufacturers don't practice strict U.S. manufacturing standards. Most of the companies that produce bamboo flooring harvest the bamboo every 3–5 months. To put that in perspective, a strong piece of Bamboo takes 3–5 years to mature. When using these undeveloped stalks a product is created that is weak and delicate.

Cracked Bamboo Flooring Plank End Grain
The photos on this page are a perfect example of bamboo flooring that does not have the strength needed in a flooring product. Above is an end grain view of a cracked bamboo plank.

The glues used to bond the bamboo commonly contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and can leach out as fumes from the finished product. Another problem with many types of bamboo floor products is the unnecessary destruction of native forests throughout Asia. Many manufacturers clear cut natural forests to allow for more room for bamboo plantations. This is causing a major problem with land erosion as well as depleting the natural resources of Asia. By destroying these natural forests they are also destroying the natural habitats of many species of both plants and animals.

Bamboo Flooring Rating Analysis


Star Star Star Star Star

Bamboo flooring can be installed in almost any application.


Star Star Star

Bamboo flooring resists cupping but the long term integrity of the flooring is questionable.


Star Star

Many bamboo flooring manufactures claim refinishing can be done, but it varies by brand.


Star Star Star

Bamboo flooring producers claim their product is eco-friendly but plenty of evidence suggests otherwise.


Star Star

Bamboo flooring looks similar to a veneer or laminate flooring product. Color options are very limited.



Quality varies by manufacturer.


Star Star Star

The strength of bamboo flooring should be taken into account before considering it as a flooring alternative.

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