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Recycled Black Walnut Wall Paneling in the Hubbard Grille

American Walnut Staybull Flooring®

The Staybull Flooring® brand of recycled Black Walnut was recently installed at the Hubbard Grille, an upscale bar and restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.

What makes this project special is how the designers used Staybull Flooring® as wall paneling. To say we were surprised by the outcome would be an understatement. As you can see above, the warm chocolate browns and cream colored wood really accentuates the overall look of the private dining rooms and the bar. If you’re ever visiting Columbus, Ohio, take a second to enjoy a good beer and the local flavors of the Hubbard Grille.

Clearly, this project proves how Staybull Flooring® is a versatile material. If recycled hardwood flooring can work wonders on the walls of an upscale restaurant, just imagine what it can do for your home.And with a multitude of colors at your disposal the options are truly limitless.

Where can you buy Staybull Flooring®? Find your local dealer? If one is not in your area, contact us for a free sample.

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