Recycled Quarter Sawn Red Oak Flooring

Recycled Quarter Sawn Red Oak Flooring

This special variation of recycled Red Oak Flooring will add that something "extra" that normal parquet brands can't match.

With its stand-out striping pattern, the rays on each Quartersawn Red Oak plank provide a signature look that fits today's contemporary, or modern home perfectly.

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Quartersawn Red Oak has a unique stripe pattern that is referred to as "tiger rays" or "butterflies". Heartwood color runs from light tan to pink with a reddish tinge. Sapwood is white to light brown. Straight grained with a coarse texture.
Color Range (at time of install)
Quartersawn Red Oak color range
White/Light Brown Light-Tan Reddish-Brown
Photosensitivity (after install)
Quartersawn Red Oak color range after
No significant Change/ slightly darkens
Janka Hardness (lbs)
Softest Mid Hardest
Recommended Cleaning Methods
broom vacuum mop
DO use a
Soft Bristle Broom
DO use a
DO NOT use a
Wet Mop

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